Rose millennial: know the color that has become trend

From fashion shows to more sophisticated design projects, the millennial rose is taking over the color palettes. This rose arrived with the proposal of being more than a color, but the representation of a new generation of people and their ideals.

The millennial rose emerged from the mix of reddish beige and peach and is so successful that it overrode greenery, color of the year 2017, according to Pantone. This light pink comes close to the pastel tones, but without losing its essence and unique characteristics.

What does millennial pink have of different?

As we speak, this color came to tell a story and be the representative of some social changes. Rose millennial was created with inspiration in the generation Y (people born between the 80’s and 90’s) and has everything to do with the ideals of these young people, because it is a rose that flee from the feminine universe to be a color without gender defined.

How can I combine this color?

In addition to being inspired by the ideology of Generation Y, this rose has many references from the 80’s and 90’s and can be used in the main parts or in the small details of a project. Extremely versatile, it is perfect for creating combinations with earthy colors, grayscale tones, natural elements and some metallic colors, such as copper and rose gold.

Its clear tone gives the feeling of calm, joy and coziness, which allows the application in different rooms of the house, such as a bedroom or a living room.

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